Turning Data into Facts – Guide to Our Zyncc Platform

zyncc platform

B-lay’s Zyncc platform enables organizations to gather software license and deployment data and turn these into relevant facts that help you getting organized.

Check out how Zyncc can help you make the complex simple!

How to Make the Complex Simple

In the last few years the market has developed several standards around managing your software licenses and review processes. We strongly believe in efficiency and that a customer should have a clear understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve practical results.

Our philosphy is supported by our development of Zyncc. This solution helps you to collect relevant data and communicate with the people responsible, inside and outside your organization. Our smart assessment modules are focused on helping you capture data for multiple software vendors and translating it into relevant and easy to understand information.

Zyncc provides a combination of addressing the right people and asking the key questions in a smart way while allowing you to simplify data gathering within your company. We streamline the communication and synchronize the data flow for all involved. This optimizes interaction flows and combines these with the population of a central repository in a structured way supporting the entire data gathering and interpretation cycle

Here are the three key benefits of our Zyncc platform:

# Efficient Process

Your environment will be assessed by a trusted partner with the help of our first class solutions and license experts.

We provide transparency by knowing each step of the process.

The process and content can be geared to support existing processes or tools.

You are in control!

# Smart Data Gathering

Use of intelligent setup assessments in order to question your organization.

Easy to combine with discovery software by finding relevant data.

Retrieve a complete license and deployment picture per software vendor.

Data gathering is done with the highest standards and through non-intrusive processes.

# Reliable Fact-based Reporting

Insight into what you own by gathering contractual software agreements and license records centrally and/or by requesting from distributed sources.

Know what you are entitled to use by translating your acquired licenses into your right to use.

Relate the results of smart data gathering to your entitlements in an optimized way.

Deliver a reliable fact based report to provide to software publishers in advance.

# Financial

Have appropriate controls for internal cross charges.

Be ahead of the vendor: avoid the internal audit cost.

Demonstrable cost prevention: reorganize your allocation to match entitlement.

We deliver Zyncc as a white label and in the future will launch “your zyncc.”

This article was published on 05-10-2010