Most common risks you can face when using IBM software

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IBM is one of the biggest software vendors on the market and many organizations use their products. Due to a large variety of products, complex contracts and different license terms, there are many challenges and financial risks involved. 

As IBM customer, it’s very likely that you use the IBM Passport Advantage portal for orders, downloads, renewals, or to view your contract details and entitlements. Even if the portal provides access only to products for which you have an entitlement, it doesn’t limit how, where and how often you can install the product, how to measure the usage or what components and features are included. This is a real challenge because a lack of clarity about the entitlements and deployment situation can easily generate financial and compliance risks. 

In this whitepaper, you will learn about the most common risks faced by customers when making use of IBM software and guidelines on how to avoid them. 

The main topics that we will bring forth will be related to the  

  • ILMT usage, deployment and maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery licensing 
  • DB2 version 
  • roles and capabilities for Cognos users 
  • product/component version matching for products running without S&S 

All these can help you make sense of the IBM licensing and become aware of the possible risks. Click below to download the whitepaper. 

Furthermore, on 25th of March we had a live session with Hendrik Stegenga discussing the risks that IBM customers could face, how to avoid them, as well as what to do in the event of an audit and how to negotiate with IBM.

Click below to watch the recording of the webinar.