SAP licensing – most common challenges and how to address them

Since the indirect usage saga, SAP was on everyone’s lips. Every SAM manager started to look into their company’s software usage to determine if they’re compliant. Does this sound familiar? What about the new audit practice? Do you know if and how this is affecting you?

Inevitably, any change in SAP’s go to market strategies will have an impact on its customers. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative one. The best way to face the changes and other challenges is to always be one step ahead. But how do you do that? By having the right knowledge.

We gathered the most common challenges our customers who use SAP are faced with. Their questions and pain points are most likely yours too. That’s why we’re now sharing them in a webinar, together with answers and advice on how to address them.

What we’re discussing in the webinar

• SAP product groups & licensing information
• Retrieving use information (license measurements)
• Most common compliance issues
• SAM tools for SAP
• SAP audit practices