How to make the most out of USMM & LAW

When it comes to SAP measurements, there are some misconceptions around the use of USMM transaction and the License Administration Workbench (LAW) tool. Most customers fear that by using USMM, they might end up with incorrect results. On the other hand, they are also reluctant about using LAW because they think usage results will automatically be transferred to SAP before they even get a chance to review them.

But is all of this true? To a certain extent, it can be. USMM transaction is used individually on every system and as such, you will get one export for each system. By not using LAW you can end up counting users multiple times towards certain license types and paying much more on user licenses than you actually should. However, this can easily be avoided.

How are you currently using the USMM transaction to measure your SAP systems? Are you making the most out of these tools when running your internal audit annually? Is there actually a risk of using LAW outside the context of an official SAP audit?

In this webinar you will learn how to correctly generate USMM reports and how to use LAW carefree.