License entitlements specialist

Ideal candidate

Our ideal candidate has a background in legal or software licensing. You have strong analytical skills, are good with numbers and have an eye for detail. You understand legal and contract definitions. You have experience working with the MS Office suite and are an advanced excel user.

You are proficient in English and are able to conduct a business conversation in this language. You have solid communication skills and are customer oriented.

You have a positive, can-do attitude and display tenacity in achieving your own and company objectives. You are a team player, who shares knowledge and information with colleagues and pro-actively offers and asks for help. You respect and value different views and opinions.

You understand the company mission and values and show commitment towards these. You understand the team’s goals and objectives and actively contribute to the team’s success.
You are open to feedback received from colleagues, manager and project managers and actively strive to improve your skills and increase your knowledge.

You have affinity with IT. You possess a basic understanding of software architectures and preferable some knowledge of major Enterprise software products such as Adobe, SAP, IBM, Microsoft etc.

Job description

As a contracts analyst, you determine the customer’s software entitlement. You work closely with our technical analyst team and ensure that customer queries are being answered in a timely manner.

You analyze all the contractual documents related to (enterprise) software licenses (e.g. license agreements, ordering documents, support renewals etc.) to create an accurate entitlement report reflecting all important terms and conditions and clauses from these documents within the delivery time agreed with the stakeholders.
You understand the different terms and conditions of various contractual documents and you are able to articulate what these mean for an end-user in the day-to-day practice. In order to execute your job to the required standards, you build and maintain up-to-date knowledge about software license agreements of different vendors, including licensing rules and definitions.
You are able to give the customer an overview of what his entitlements actually entail and provide recommendations and advise resulting from the contracts analysis performed.
You build and maintain relationships within the customer or partner organizations.

You are responsible for providing accurate estimates of the duration of the entire contract analysis process and communicating deadlines to the stakeholders (customer, project manager etc.). You ensure that any changes that affect the project planning are understood and communicated, so all stakeholders are informed in a timely manner.
You follow and maintain mechanisms to check for errors and omissions and validate the outcome of the contract analysis process. You review and proactively inform your manager about any gaps in the contractual documents gathered and document these gaps.

You are able to take the lead in a contract analysis process for a specific customer and work with multiple resources (within the team but also outside the team) to deliver the reports within the agreed timeframe. You are able to manage and influence the expectation of the project manager and customer and communicate effectively with them during the process.

You will turn the knowledge obtained from the analysis of the contractual documents into recommendations and best practices that can be shared with customers.

What we offer

  • A fast-growing, international company with many opportunities to develop yourself and to make a difference in growing our business
  • Learning from enthusiastic colleagues and the possibility to create your own pathway towards success
  • Courses and training to develop your sales skills and insights to the next level
  • A motivated and fun team to work with

Role License entitlements specialist
Job type 40 hours/week
Last update 18 April
Location Romanian office


Heidy Goyens

+31.88 02 33 716
+31.6 4683 4499
skype: heidy.goia

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