Simona Minca
What do you like most about your work?
What I like most about my work is that there is no such thing as “comfort zone”. I always have the chance to experience new things, to gain knowledge in different areas, to learn new stuff from my colleagues and from their experiences.
What do you like to do most when you aren’t working?
When I am not working I like to go to dancing classes. I have a big passion for dancing and when I am there I just feel the music going through my veins. I also like to drive, a lot. This is giving me a nice and relaxing feeling. The time left is of course ‘allocated’ to my family and I like to spend as much time as possible with them.
What is the latest lesson you’ve learned?
Well, I’ve learned a lot. The latest one came from my team. I’ve learned to appreciate more their skills because this is a win-win. Having complete confidence in my team offers me the chance to see/learn new things from them but also helps us to be more united. Of course, we express every time our opinions, but in a constructive way.
What superpower would you like to have?
I do not wish any superpower. I already consider myself a superwoman (as ‘modest’ as it may sound) because I know that doing my best in everything is already a superpower. I’ve succeeded to solve difficult situations by myself, I’ve learned how and when to ask for help, I now give myself the chance to make mistakes and I already consider these superpowers.