Frank Rolvink
What do you like most about your work?
I work as a project delivery manager and the nice thing about this role is the variety of tasks and people you work with. I am responsible for the success of a project and the delivery of our services. I am also the central point of contact for both the customer and the analysts (and sales, marketing, finance, order desk and license experts) within B-lay. Besides that, I also advise the client on certain licensing issues. This makes this role enormously challenging.
What do you like to do most when you aren’t working?
I have always played a lot of hockey, but since I became a father, sports are limited to occasionally cycling. I like to spend time with my son and girlfriend, walking, visiting cities and/or museums. In the weekends I sometimes make a trip on my motorbike. In the future I may want to start playing golf.
What is the latest lesson you’ve learned?
Lately, during a personal development training and team training I learned that people are often capable of doing more things than they initially think they can. By setting the bar high, asking for help where necessary and not doubting yourself, you are able to achieve a lot.
What superpower would you like to have?
B-lay’s customers are located all over the world and within our organization people have different nationalities. Although I speak English at a sufficient level, I would like to have the super power of being a polyglot (Being able to speak more than a dozen of different languages).