Anamaria Avram
What do you like most about your work?
The dynamics of my work. B-lay is a fast-growing company and if you are part of it, most of the times you have no other choice but to GROW. I do not refer here professionally only, but most of the times you grow personally as well. I learned a lot about myself through the diversity of the work I do.
What do you like to do most when you aren’t working?
A year ago I moved to a new country – Netherlands, which is quite different than my home country – Romania. I am rediscovering myself in all shapes and forms, including new passions. At the moment, I mainly meet new people, learn a lot of new things, and dance. Oh, and just re-started to travel (hint: you must visit Cuba).
What is the latest lesson you’ve learned?
There comes a moment when you realize that you grew so fast and that your old way of doing things is not the right way anymore. That is the moment you need to change how you work. I am busy with that right now.
What superpower would you like to have?
Omnilinguilism – the power of speaking any language on earth. I love connections; hence, I love connecting with other people, and most of the times I get to learn something from most of them. Having the power of speaking any language on Earth will make it more fun for both (or many) of us (….we all love that foreigner that has a cute accent).

PS: I am so struggling with my Dutch lessons right now, hence the superpower wish.

anamaria avram