Alexander Hundertmar
What do you like most about your work?
I work as a consultant and the best feeling is when your advice is making a noticeable impact for the client. Providing the best service I can and getting a positive feedback for the contributed work is a key motivator to have a healthy attitude and staying curious. It feels like there is constant movement in license management. Anything can change and I like the challenge to keep up.
What do you like to do most when you aren’t working?
I used to be deeply involved in Academic fencing. It is a tough sport but increases resolve tremendously, as well as keeping composure in stressful situations. Nowadays I am looking to join a club for Olympic fencing. On the other side, I like to tinker with electronics and try to understand how they work, as well as being creative when it comes to repairing them. Additionally I like to play the guitar and have a golf set collecting dust…
What is the latest lesson you’ve learned?
Giving old books a good read. There is a lot to learn from them which can be still applied in our modern time.
What superpower would you like to have?
I think it would be great to repair or heal something with the power of a touch or with the mind.