Oracle Unlimited License Agreements – whitepaper

An overview of the major risks you should be aware of

Many enterprises enter into an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) from Oracle Corporation, believing they don’t have any risks to worry about. But is this true? Although ULAs are designed to alleviate many worries of software license management; you can still face large financial, legal, and operational risks.

This white paper provides an overview of the most common issues seen at those enterprises that entered into an Unlimited License Agreement. The content of this whitepaper is based upon our experiences of the last years, in which we worked with many enterprises globally.

Richard is one of the managing partners at B-lay. He started to work in the license management industry in 2004 and worked for almost 10 years at Oracle as regional director of compliance. He uses his knowledge of enterprise software vendors (such as Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft) to educate, equip and enable software end users in their challenges regarding proper software license management. Richard holds a master’s degree in IT, from University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.