Oracle E-Business Suite license metrics analyzed

Many enterprises make use of Oracle software. The attention required for managing the licenses and deployment of these software programs properly is often underestimated. This is not different for the management of Oracle’s E-Business Suite software programs.  In this expert session we address the most common Oracle E-Business Suite compliance issues. These are based upon the experience of the last years, in which we worked with organizations that make use of the Oracle E-Business Suite programs and that either went through an Oracle License Review or an Oracle License Audit.

License management Issues which are handled in this webinar:

Audit Methodology

User – based measurement methodology

Usage – based measurement methodology

Common License Compliance Issues – License Metric

Application User & Application User Read Only

Primary Usage

Concurrent Usage

Professional User vs Employee User

Professional User Internal vs Professional User External

Common License Compliance Issues – Applications

Human Resources

Order Management

Enterprise Asset Management & Self Service Work Requests

Common License Compliance Issues – Customization

Customized E-Business Suite Applications

Customized Database Technology

Database Modifications

Application Server Modifications

Consultancy Firms

B-lay’s recommendation

Remember our motto, and act upon it: “make software compliance an exciting opportunity to improve your business.” We assure you that this imperative will pay of in many different ways.

This article was published on 23-03-2015