License management challenges of JD Edwards – whitepaper

Many organizations use enterprise software, but the attention required to properly manage the licenses and deployment of these programs, due to it’s complexity, is often underestimated. The management of Oracle’s JD Edwards software programs is no different. JD Edwards was an independent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software company, mainly known for its “World” products for IBM AS/400 minicomputers, “OneWorld” products for client-server fat client, and “EnterpriseOne” products, a web-based thin client. In 2003, JD Edwards was acquired by PeopleSoft Inc., which in turn, was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2005.

In this whitepaper we will address the most common license compliance issues organizations encounter with the Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) software. This overview is based upon 15 years of experience, in which we’ve worked with organizations that use JD Edwards programs and went through an Oracle License Review or License Audit.

For the coming weeks we will dig deeper into the licensing challenges of JDE. We will give you some insight in the history of pricing models up from 1993. Many of them are still in use. And we will separately discuss the 10 most common compliance issues we have seen. Follow us via LinkedIn or check our website on a regular base and stay in control!

B-lay’s recommendation    

Software licensing structures and language are really complicated and are among the biggest challenges with licensing today. There is often a lack of clarity regarding the exact value you are receiving for the pricing. And many of our customers do not understand the rationale behind expenses, discounts, or provisions for changes to their licensing. For JDE this is no exception, feel free to use our expertise and experience to improve your compliancy. Contact Ruud, he will gladly bring you in contact with one of our experts. Mail!