Expert knowledge is key to fast and structured software license management

In the license management profession it’s not uncommon to come across business people who fail to see the importance of outsourcing their license compliance analysis to B-lay, or engaging in a structured license management practices at all. This underestimation or even denial of large financial and core business related risk remains a persistent hurdle, even though awareness is clearly on the rise.

‘How hard can it be?’ often is the standard objection we hear. Unfortunately, precisely that is what proper license management requires: hard work and the meticulous analysis of vast data pools and technical environment parameters. Recently, a Texan technology law firm published a warning specifically on Oracle’s so-called ‘licensing traps’. [read the IDG News Service article here].

No news at all

No offense to IDG’s News Service but this is no news at all. Every single issue highlighted in the article is well-known to us and perfectly manageable, but you need to let go your naive attitude and adopt a professional and structured approach to software license management instead – be it in case of Oracle or any other large software publisher!

Of course there’s no harm whatsoever in the ambition of building up all necessary software compliance knowledge in house to deal with complexities. B-lay provides such in-depth training to various clients on a daily basis, but you should be aware of what it means to load the burden of such expert knowledge on your own executives and employees.

B-lay is a company of seasoned experts who deal with software license compliance issues everyday, some of us already for over 15 years. Instead of investing in staff and knowledge completely by yourself we can onboard you into a fully operational continuous license management program in less then 3 months and, that is based on and tailored to the specific demands of your company from the first moment of engagement on.

Don’t think twice!

Your beneficial bottom line then will be a fraction of the cost your liabilities will probably represent, and, at the same time, B-lay’s intervenience is a much cheaper way of dealing with software license compliance challenges than a full-fledged legal defense against one of the big software enterprises. There’s no reason to think twice!

This article was published on 17-11-2015