Are you affected by Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 licensing rules?

Since the introduction of Oracle’s E-Business Suite application software programs, it has always been the company’s strategy to gain a substantial share of the Enterprise Application software market.

To make Oracle’s E-Business Suite applications more competitive than those of other application software publishers (such as SAP), Oracle always granted its end users a so called “restricted use” right to make use of the underlying Oracle Database and Middleware software programs in its E-Business Suite licenses itself.

By including the right to make use of the Database and Middleware programs in the Oracle E-Business Suite licenses itself, Oracle’s overall solution is considered to be more inexpensive than the application software programs of other publishers in which an end user would need to buy additional and separate licenses for the underlying Middleware and/or Database programs to run the application software on.

However, end users should be aware of the fact that for Oracle E-Business Suite version 12.2 a limited set of other Oracle programs may be required to be licensed. The reason for this is the (potential) use of the SOAP Protocol from Oracle’s Integrated SOA Gateway software.

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This article was published on 10-05-2017