Meeting cost saving objectives with second-hand software?

second-hand licenses

Cost cutting is a necessary evil. Many companies evaluate different options for cost savings, and lately a growing tendency for reducing operational costs is to buy second-hand licenses and support from third-party support vendors instead of buying licenses and support from the software publisher itself.

In 2012, the European Court of Justice ruled in the so called “UsedSoft” case about UsedSoft selling second-hand software licenses. The court ruled that the transfer of ownership of a software license from one organization to another is allowed, as a long as some conditions are met.

Because of the ruling several entrepreneurs started their own “second-hand licenses” companies. Most of these companies are selling second-hand licenses for Microsoft, SAP and Oracle software programs against a cheaper rate than what the software publisher would ask for the same licenses, if bought from them directly.

Hence, who does not want to buy licenses against a cheaper price? It’s an easy decision to make, you might think. There are, however, several problems in day-to-day practice that may make such a transition more difficult than what you initially may have thought.

Read our new white paper “Pitfalls of Second-Hand Software Licenses and Third-Party Support Providers” for a high-level overview of how these two options work, so that you can consider yourself if one of these options may be of use to you.

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This article was published on 18-04-2017