Self Audit for Compliance with Zyncc

self audit zyncc

Ongoing license control is difficult to achieve, but periodic self audits can help you stay in control, remain compliant, and stay one step ahead of software publishers. Conducting these audits requires sound understanding of common mistakes and where to look for them. This can be especially challenging in a continually changing environment with new products and versions of products being deployed.

While this ITAM article has a strong desktop product focus, the steps and practices listed for software self audits are also valid for enterprise (server) software. The first step to a successful self audit is a reliable usage tool that can analyze and report current usage levels in your organization.

Our tool Zyncc™ does all that and more. Zyncc is a workflow tool that allows you to conduct these internal audits in a controlled and transparent way. Zyncc keeps the practices and data up to date, allowing you to focus on the execution of the self audit, not the nitty-gritty details of collecting the right data. The structure and audit trail of this unique tool allow you to properly manage projects and track activities, and enable you to demonstrate your company’s good behavior to the software publisher in case of an audit. On its own or in combination with other discovery tools, Zyncc is an affordable and easy to use high-quality aid to synchronize your licensing on a regular basis.

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This article was published on 21-03-2014