Oracle License Review or Oracle License Audit?

Answers to your Top 20 Questions about a License Review or License Audit

Many end-users of Oracle’s software programs are on a regular basis confronted with an Oracle License Review or an Oracle License Audit from Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) department. A lot of questions, concerns, and remarks have been raised by many end-users around this subject. This white paper is meant to provide you answers to the Top 20 Questions you might have when facing an Oracle License Review or Oracle License Audit.  The content of this whitepaper is based upon our experience of the last 20 years in which we performed Oracle License Reviews or Oracle License Audits ourselves and supported end-users to effectively go through such a process.

Answers on the following questions are included in this white paper:

What is an Oracle License Audit and what is the difference with an Oracle License Review?

What is Oracle License Management Services (LMS)?

What happens during an Oracle License Audit?

How much advance notice does Oracle give for an audit?

How often should we expect to be audited?

Why did I get selected for an Oracle License Audit?

Do I need to pay special attention to licensing Oracle software, if I have outsourced my IT?

Who pays the costs for an audit?

We had no idea that we were out of compliance. Won’t Oracle be more lenient with us?

Am I required to install/deploy the scripts from Oracle LMS during an audit?

When I run the measurement scripts, can I figure out myself whether I am compliant or not?

We are using an Oracle verified Tool Vendor during the audit, so I am safe, right?

What software programs are typically included in an Oracle License Audit?

Oracle provided me with a list of all or our licenses. It looks OK to me. Are we done?

What are some common errors that occur in automated software inventories?

We have reached a settlement; should I be concerned about anything else?

What kind of data elements do I need to inventory for an Oracle License Audit?

Our employees are spread throughout the world and at different locations. How can I prevent them from installing unlicensed software?

We understand all the risks and have decided to do our own self-audit. What kind of errors should we be aware of while we investigate our own software licensing usage?

What is the trigger to license Oracle software: Once the software is installed or once the software is in use?