Be prepared for a Microsoft Audit – whitepaper

IT research companies report a continued increase in the number of end user license audits conducted by leading software vendors, up from 61% a year ago to 65% today. What this means for your company is that you only have a 35% chance to not be audited within the next 12 months. These statistics can be easily translated into recurring financial risk for each organization.

Adding to the list of caveats is the fact that Microsoft appears to be leading when it comes to the number of license audits performed, as some sources indicate. No wonder then that software license management and vendor audits become an important topic for the boardroom. The terminology surrounding the annual Microsoft SAM engagements may make customers believe they are being audited. But from a legal perspective, the SAM engagement is a voluntary cooperative effort.

In the following weeks, we will take you through the key points that will help you minimize this problem for your organization. In next series of articles we will look at the Types of Microsoft Audits and the Audit Phases, which will make you understand the problem better. This will be followed by a dive into the Most common criteria by which Microsoft audits customers, Most common causes for compliance issues andBest practicesThese sections will help you proactively address your IT strategy.

More information can also be found in our white paper “Be prepared for a Microsoft Audit ”. Our new white paper format is mobile friendly, so you can easily read it on your tablet or mobile phone.

This article was published on 30-08-2016