SAP Digital Access has a new dedicated page

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SAP has just launched a new page dedicated to the SAP Digital Access. The page is divided into two major sections: Home and DAAP. Below you can see an overview of what is included in each section.


The “Home” section covers the general information related to digital/indirect access. There is a reference to the article SAP Unveils First -of-Its- Kind Pricing Model  published by SAP in April, from where you can learn about the SAP new pricing model that differentiate between:

  • Direct/Human access (existing): charged for by number of human users.
  • Indirect/Digital Access (new): Access via third party, Internet of Things (IoT), bots and/or other digital access that can be licensed based on transactions/documents processed by the system itself.

The above content is complemented by a short two-minute video with the practical example of indirect use.

Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP)

While the information covered by the first section is generally known to anyone following the SAP indirect access topic, the second section of the page dedicated to Digital Access Adoption Program brings some new information. As announced at the SAPHIRE NOW in May 2019, the Digital Access Adoption Program was established for end users to proactively contact SAP and issue a service request to obtain the free-of-charge Digital Access Evaluation Service. Because of this interactive and individual cooperation between SAP and the end user, the latter is provided with the evaluation report and recommended solutions on the purchase of SAP Digital Access.

As a new addition, within the DAAP section, SAP explains how the evaluation works and how to start. To summarise, SAP estimates the number of documents created by indirect access and the end user is being informed by SAP which financial offer is the most suitable for his situation.

In order to start the engagement, you as an end user need to implement SAP Passport Tool via SAP Note 2738406 – Digital Access: Central Technical Guidelines that compress all the prerequisites to enable measurability for digital access. The note is only applicable to specific support packages which means that not all end users will be able to use it. As a workaround you can contact SAP directly via DAAP service request. The SAP Passport Tool is an important step in identifying indirect access usage, but the process is still not transparent and knowledge gaps remain present.

If you want to understand better how you can make use of the feature that would measure your indirect access, or if you have other questions for our SAP experts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

This article was published on 11-06-2019