Oracle deployment detection

Various tool vendors focus on Oracle and especially on what they call Oracle discovery. In reality this often means database discovery and/or database & option measurement.

For deployment detection, and especially for Oracle, three stages can be distinguished:

  1. Discovery
  2. Usage determination
  3. Data interpretation

Discovery means finding the installed products and the associated hardware. If the collected hardware is not sufficient, usage determination is needed to understand the usage and or the intensity of the usage. The final, and probably the most complex step is data interpretation. There are many restrictions and licensing models and therefore it’s crucial to get interpretation right. Missing one restriction could have major (financial) implications.

When comparing tool vendors and their solutions, organizations should be aware of these stages and determine the desired completeness and accuracy for each stage. There are substantial differences between the tool vendors. The time a customer needs to invest also varies. A lot of tools require database access for usage determination and often for discovery too. Setting this up could take days if admin rights are not known centrally. Other differences can be found in the supported operating systems and the Oracle products included. Rarely Oracle applications and products of Oracle’s acquisitions are delt with properly.

It is B-lay’s business to help customers understand these issues and support tool vendors to improve their solutions. Based on our involvement with both we can guarantee improvements within 12 months time, which drastically improve efficiency and make things less complex.

B-lay provides subscription, solutions and services to software vendors, their end users, and third parties. B-lay’s deliverables distinguish by easy of use, simplicity and accuracy. B-lay was the first party to obtain the official Oracle LMS trusted Advisor status.