Why do you need software audit support? 

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Probably many of you realized so far that software audits are not a walk in the park. They sometimes come unexpected, at least if you are not prepared. The 4 major software publishers – Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft – well known for their audit practices, have included in their end user license agreements an audit clause. But how many of you really understand this clause correctly 

The fact is that you may be audited every 12 months for various reasons. An audit can cause a lot of stress and financial risks for your company. Why is it so difficult to navigate a software audit? Because many companies are trying to do everything internally, and don’t know what they don’t know. This typically creates even more risk and frustration. Not to mention the wasted time and resources. To get an idea of how bad this can be, you can read our previous article on “The real costs of a software audit”.  

Fortunately, the alternative is very easy: you can have support and even obtain some benefits at the end of an audit. In this article, we will explain why it’s important to ask for help before the damage is done. 

There are various types of support you can ask for: before, during or even after a software audit. But when would it be best to do? Timing is crucial, since once the audit letter lands on your desk, you may already be a bit too late and the clock is ticking. Generally, prevention is key. 

Our independent experts can offer you the advantage of being prepared well long before the auditors knock at your door. We will explain below how this works in practice and what you should expect.  

Audit strategy  

Have you ever wondered if you should have a strategy for an audit? The best defense is preparation, so having a strategy can be crucial. We can advise you on how to manage an audit effectively and how to gain time before sharing any information with the vendor. If the audit already happened and you received some upsetting results, we can provide a second opinion and show you how to bring down the initial financial claim 

Internal audit

Did you know that an internal audit can give you the opportunity to make optimizations and remediations before an audit from the software vendor takes place? This can offer you control over your software licenses and prevent any unnecessary financial risks. For example, we helped our clients with best scenarios for their needs on how to license, deploy and/or use the software to achieve direct cost avoidance and cost saving opportunities. 

Negotiation support services 

Not sure how to get a better deal for your software needs? After the initial internal audit, we can offer you useful advice and support when negotiating with the vendor. You can obtain beneficial terms and conditions, more suitable for your company needs, based on your specific situation. Many of our clients were happy with the results after we helped them with the contract renewal process and advised them how to take informed investment decisions. 

We have designed our services to allow flexibility and to simplify the process of software audit supportcompliance health checks for a high-level understanding of your software overview and the full edition, with complete compliance analysis that gives you more in-depth knowledge. 

What are your benefits if you decide to work with us? We will help you all the way, we have the knowledge and the experience, we have similar methodology as the vendors, so you can have an equal (or better) position when dealing with an audit. We will be on your side and protect your interests.  

Take a look at what we can do and let’s connect to discuss about your compliance status.  

This article was published on 18-03-2020