IT cost cutting on licenses and maintenance – a government perspective

cost saving licenses maintenance

The Dutch Government is planning to cut Software License & Maintenance cost, as can be read in an article posted on, a major Dutch news site day (article in Dutch). One way they envision this is by having better purchasing and controls on compliance.

It is an interesting post as it is already rare in the Netherlands to read about software compliance and the impact of software audits in the IT media, let alone to have this published on a regular media site. Unfortunately B-lay cannot verify if the Dutch Government actually plans to do this as we do not hold the source documents that apparently are in the possession, but even if the source documents are not formal plans, it is worthwhile to reference this short article as it demonstrated the increasing maturization of the software compliance and SAM industry.

The Oracle audit case referred by the article is also interesting. It aims at proving that cost saving can be done, where in reality this of course is not cost saving at all but merely damage control or perhaps smart buying.  Cost saving is when you spend less next year, compared to the year before.

It is a shame the article does not question how it can happen that the Dutch Government is unaware of 4 million euros worth of financial risk.

B-lay knows perfectly well the impact of good contract & software license management. Our people work in this field since the mid 90s. It is all about knowledge and control. There are short-term optimizations, ie. tricks that can be performed, but more interesting is the long term impact of architecting IT with the right focus on software cost. If done right, 10% really is only the beginning!

This article was published on 24-03-2013