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oracle fiscal year sales

Many Oracle users obtained licenses in the month of May in previous years. This, since May is the last month of Oracle’s Fiscal Year. Because of this, your support maintenance renewal proposal(s) are coming in shortly. This, since Oracle sends these proposals typically 3 months in advance. What should you do? Stop paying too much money for the support maintenance on your Oracle licenses. Unnecessary spend is something we see almost every day at the vast majority of our Oracle customers. 


Sharing some simple facts based on our statistics over the last 15 years. 

- 80% of end-users do pay support for license they are not using, year after year. 

 95% of end-users do not know how they can avoid the annual indexation of 4%. 


If you spend 400k USD on Oracle support last year, your current support maintenance proposal will most likely be offered at 412K USD. How to avoid this increase, without being required to renew for the period of 36 months instead of the standard 12 months? 

What we can guarantee? 

For 90-95% of all Oracle customers we can achieve direct cost savings through our services. Are you interested if this is applicable to you? Are you interested to understand the amount of money you can save on your Oracle support renewal? The answer is simple: Do a free health check to find out what can be achieved. 

What do we need from you? 

You answer 5 questions that we will share with you. After this, we set-up a meeting with you to discuss your current position, the potential for cost savings and the concrete options you have to achieve this. A win-win situation.  

Interested in some real customer cases? 

Our customers across the globe are happy to have a reference call with you to share their individual experiences with you. Want to know more about the Oracle Cost Savings Health CheckReach out to us at or contact me directly at 

This article was published on 12-02-2020