Oracle Database Express Edition: what you need to know about its license rights and limitations


Many things are said on a daily basis about licensing rules and their implications related to Oracle Database Standard or Enterprise Editions, but what do you know about Oracle Database Express Edition? Does it require a license when it’s installed separately? What about when it is used in conjunction with a Siebel application?

Oracle introduced the Database Express Edition (Database XE) with Database 10g Release 2, in 2005. The target audience included developers and students for whom Oracle developed a strategy: stimulate them to use Oracle’s products and make their entry into the small and medium sized enterprise space.

The senior vice president of Oracle’s server technologies division, Andrew Mendelsohn, believed that even though the beginning would be difficult, it’s only a matter of time until the users will get familiar with Database XE and earnings would follow. But did this really happen?

Read our whitepaper to find out more about Oracle Database Express Edition, its technical limitations and license rights when it is used stand-alone and in conjunction with a Siebel application.

This article was published on 04-10-2018