Oracle Database 12.2 comes with changes

The latest release from Oracle, Oracle Database 12.2, comes with new features, but also with some limitations, as for any enterprise software programs for which a new release becomes available. Some features become obsolete, others de-supported and some parameters deprecated.

In order for you to be compliant and to achieve cost savings for your organization, you need to know under what conditions you can continue to use some features, if you should not use them at all and what new features you can make use of.

Which new concepts were introduced and what should you do in order to get the best out of Oracle Database 12.2? Find out in our latest white paper “Oracle Database 12.2 released”.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will help you.

Our new white paper format is really mobile friendly, so you can easily read it on your tablet or mobile phone.

This article was published on 08-12-2016