Thanks so much! Customers nominate B-lay as Partner of the Year

It came as a surprise, and a particular pleasant one! The people we proudly work with, our customers, have nominated B-lay as Partner of the Year 2015 in the ITAM Review Excellence Awards. With so much recognition for our mission of making software compliance as simple and straightforward as possible you don’t have to win. Being nominated already is both the award and the reward!

We are extremely honoured and proud to have been nominated by our clients in the Partner of the Year 2015 category of the ITAM Review Excellence Awards. This spontaneous token of appreciation for our work already is both the award and reward! – Mark van Wolferen, CEO B-lay

On a daily basis, B-lay helps clients understand what software licenses they are entitled to deploy, which software is actually installed, and what functionality they are really using. Our teams turn all relevant software installation and usage data into clear information and insight. This greatly improves operational efficiency and provides a solid foundation for organizations to assess their software licenses, all associated compliance management processes, and plan for the future.

We deliver high-quality analysis and service while relentlessly striving to simplify the experience of accessing and analyzing software license data, and working with customers to help them remain in control.

At B-lay, we are honoured and proud of this nomination that inspires us to move forward in creating even more effective solutions. We want to express our warm thanks and gratitude to all relations who apparently feel that B-lay deserves this recognition and recommendation!