International Award for License Management Specialist B-lay

Company helps multinationals avoiding claims that may run into millions of dollars.

Specializing in software license management, B-lay has won the Partner of the Year ITAM Review Excellence Award. This is a highly acclaimed international recognition for the company that helps organizations worldwide to prevent financial claims which may run into millions of dollars. By setting up and managing a solid software license administration, B-lay assists in alleviating legal risk, and facilitating compliance.

Preventing financial risk    

Often, organizations are not aware of the contractual details in their software licenses, let alone the huge financial risk involved. Changes, including new job positions, mergers and acquisitions, or new business models, typically lead to the fact that software licenses need to be revised. This is because they no longer reflect the conditions for which the contracts were set up. Such a situation may result in massive financial claims from software publishers if an organization fails to discuss the underlying changes with the licenser. Seasoned B-lay employees assist companies worldwide in clarifying financial and operational risk that may easily occur if software licenses are not in order or out-dated.

Mark van Wolferen, B-lay’s founder and managing director: “We quantify every risk involved, based on the bare facts that are relevant to the legally binding software license situation at hand. Central questions are: what programs are in place and being used, and what exactly does that mean? By carefully answering them we are able to show our customers what choices can be made to avoid financial risk. Many technical tools and resources are readily available in the markter but B-lay is supplying organizations with the knowledge and expertise to collect and interpret all raw data. This is a tremendously important and meticulously precise job as only one subsentence in a license contract may make a multimillion dollar difference.”

International recognition 

ITAM Review, an international community of IT Asset Management experts, chose B-lay as Partner of the Year 2015 out of 100+ nominees from 19 countries. Only weeks before winning their ITAM Excellence Award, B-lay was nominated in the ‘FD Gazellen’ award category for the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. The prize is being issued by the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times.

Van Wolferen: “Within the vast field of IT and Software Asset Management, B-lay specializes on the critical and complexl issue of license management. Closely cooperating with other specialist is of the essence. The fact that our partners, with whom we work together so intimately, selected B-lay to receive this award makes us extremely proud. The ITAM Partner Award is a tremendous recognition for our enthusiastic team of young and highly skilled employees, who on a daily basis continue to analyze and manage the software licenses of organizations from all over the world. Although license management still remains somewhat underestimated, the financial consequenses should be recognized for they can be enormous.”