B-lay shows growth for ten consecutive years, opens US office and expands its Bucharest office

ISO 27001

Utrecht, 24 August 2017 – The Dutch software license specialist opens an office in Boston to better meet the increasing demand from the US market. B-lay already has a center of excellence based in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. Because of the growing demand from, amongst others, the US, this office is now further expanding.

Since its foundation in 2008, B-lay grew by 20 to 30 percent per year, without any external financing. The company benefits from the growing importance of software for organizations, especially in large, international corporations and mid-market businesses. As with their rising software spending, these companies also see the financial risks rising in that area. In particular, problems arise in contractual terms, which can lead to back-payments of millions of euros to software vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM. B-lay supports their customers in minimizing these risks, avoiding compliance issues and realizing cost savings.

There is an increasing demand for the services of B-lay, especially from the United States. For co-founder and managing director Mark van Wolferen, an office in Boston is therefore a logical step in the expansion of the company.

“Part of our customer base is already from the United States, especially on the east coast. While we can largely support these companies digitally, local presence and face-to-face contact offers a lot of added value. We can therefore improve our services and expand our customer base rapidly.”

War for Romanian talent

Due to rising demand, B-lay’s center of excellence in Bucharest also outgrows its current office space. Van Wolferen:

“We have dozens of employees, from license experts to software developers. We started the year with thirty people and by the end of 2017 we expect to reach fifty. That is why we are expanding our office with three additional floors. We are currently searching for a local design agency that will help us get a workplace as great as our current one. Our office is one of the ways in which we can differentiate ourselves, as an employer, from the major multinationals that are also based there. In Romania, the war for talent is as tough as ever.”