B-lay proud to be awarded for the FD Gazellen

Similar to 2015 B-lay has been awarded a Dutch Gazellen award 2016. The Dutch Gazellen Award is one of the business awards in the Netherlands. Every year the awards are given to the most successful and fast growing business in the Netherlands. The criteria used is to have consistent revenue growth over at least 20% the last three years, the last year the result should be positive and at least one more year of these 3.

Apart from being awarded we also make a change to win a bronze, silver or gold in the regional award shows, but this is highly unlikely as we compete with firms that double each year. For a service company with no funding, we are very proud of the result.

The announcement of the Gazellen Award for our region will be on the 15th of November!

See for more information on www.fd.nl/gazellen