B-lay introduces Zyncc

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New dashboard tool provides organizations insight into costs and conditions of software licenses

Utrecht, 20 March 2018 – Companies’ software spending has been rising for years. Nevertheless, most organizations hardly have any insight into the costs, functionalities and conditions of their software licenses and subscriptions. This exposes particularly large organizations to risks running into millions and causes them to make unnecessary software expenses. Zyncc, B-lay’s new dashboard tool, offers companies the insight they need to minimize these risks and realize cost savings.

Zyncc provides IT departments a clear contract administration and shows exactly what the software budget is spent on. In addition, B-lay experts monitor relevant changes in software programs and licensing terms of software vendors. They also keep track of external events, such as acquisitions by publishers or law amendments, and how these may affect the financial situation of an organization. All these data are displayed in the Zyncc dashboard.


Mark van Wolferen, co-founder and managing director of B-lay:

“It is impossible for an IT-manager to keep track of all changes himself, let alone understand what these changes mean for his specific situation. That requires in-depth contract knowledge and understanding of how software vendors operate. We have this knowledge in-house. With Zyncc and our people behind it, we bundle all our knowledge in one clear dashboard, so an IT manager always knows his position. Insight is the keyword.”

Financial benefits

For an IT manager, having insight into the status of his software licenses and subscriptions offers several financial benefits. On the one hand, it helps him with smarter spending of his software budgets – many organizations now pay for software products that are not being used. On the other hand, this insight is crucial for determining an organization’s compliance position. Thanks to Zyncc, an IT manager always knows whether he meets the contractual agreements with a software vendor and is prepared for a potential audit.


Accenture is one of the first partners to embrace Zyncc. The consultancy firm included Zyncc in the Accenture Innovation Center in Houston and uses the platform to demonstrate to enterprises how innovation around software asset management (SAM) generates additional value for enterprises. Andre Guerreiro, managing director at Accenture:

“Through our partnership with B-lay, Accenture is able to leverage products like Zyncc, that can transform contract and entitlement data into real financial benefits.”

Zyncc functionalities at a glance:

All software purchases and contracts in one central archive

Always up-to-date administration of all licenses and cloud subscriptions

Full outsourcing of license administration to skilled staff with in-depth knowledge of various software vendors

Relevant data about software spending in a clear dashboard

Real-time monitoring and advice from B-lay experts about relevant changes

Simple integration with popular software asset management tools such as Snow, Flexera and ServiceNow