B-lay further expands its team

B-lay in Gartners report

Utrecht, 13 February 2018 – B-lay expands its team in the Netherlands with four new employees. Thanks to the increase in staff, B-lay can meet the growing demand for expertise in software licensing, compliance and risk management. Since its founding in 2008, B-lay has generated annual revenue growth rates of 20 – 30 % without any external capital injections.

Many organizations – mainly large, international corporations and midsize companies face contractual problems with software vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and IBM. These issues can lead to multimillion-dollar back payments or unnecessary spending. More and more companies are therefore looking for service providers that can help them with software asset management (SAM).

Mark van Wolferen, co-founder and director of B-lay:

“We support companies in minimizing financial risks related to software, preventing compliance issues and achieving cost savings. There is a high demand for this specific expertise. Besides, our advice is completely independent: B-lay does not sell software and is also not a reseller of SAM tools. In our experience this combination of knowledge and independence appeals to many organizations. I am very pleased that we are now able to strengthen our team so that we can continue our growth.”

B-lay recognized, amongst others, an increasing need for IBM knowledge in the market. This growing demand is covered by Randy Bal (45), who will fully focus on IBM as technical analyst. In addition, the B-lay team will be strengthened by Roger Ekkerink (44) as information manager, project manager Frank Rolvink (34) and financial specialist Aart van Veelen (39).

US office

Last year B-lay opened an office in Boston to better meet the growing demand in the US. B-lay’s expertise center in Bucharest also experienced a major growth spurt.