B-lay Congratulates B.sorted with the opening new office

ISO 27001

B.sorted is the Center of Excellence for the software license management services provided by B-lay and is opening their new office in Bucharest Romania next week! At B-lay, we congratulate b.sorted and staff with the achievement of this fantastic milestone!


B.sorted was founded in 2010 by Bogdan Rotaru and two other associates, Mark van Wolferen and Patrick de Veer. In 2013, the fourth partner, Richard Spithoven joined the company. In the first years, the company was focused on shaping its current philosophy and value proposition: software asset management processes require at the core that there is a consistent, well-structured and reliable record of facts. In 2013, the company expanded the team by 6 new members, and at present there are 21 employees and open positions to fill.

“We are expecting to maintain the upswing of the Center of Excellence. In the last four years we have achieved a 400% increase in revenues. Our company has no loans, is self-financed and fully independent. This gives us total freedom when making personnel and company oriented decisions rather than wishing to maximize profits.” – Mark van Wolferen

The story of the four partners started long time ago. In the past, they were working for the software vendors Oracle and Adobe. Each one of the four had a divisional or regional management position. As a result of this background, they put their trust in b.sorted as the Center of Excellence to deliver the different service offerings.

Future plans

The future plans include extending the number of employees. One of the key focus areas is the continuous of expertise and skills of the different employees. The new office facilitates these plans, by providing a large amount of work places in dynamic team areas and concentration areas. This will empower the mobility and flexibility of the employees in the best possible way. In addition, the employees will broaden their perspectives; most of them are already in direct contact with our global clients.

“The biggest assets of our company are our people, their competencies and business values. Their desire to learn and the pride of doing a good job are qualities we really appreciate about our Romanian team.“ – Richard Spithoven

In 2015, it is expected the company will grow the team by 10 more employees. B.sorted is looking for specific qualities when searching for candidates to join the company. Curiosity, commitment, self-motivation and persistence are on top of the list. B.sorted is not only interested to see full experienced candidates to join but also graduates and young professionals with a matching profile. Being the Center of Excellence, b.sorted, is organized in three different teams (Contract Analysis, Technical Analysis and Assessment Management), all specialized in their specific services, making the collaboration between b.sorted and B-lay a successful partnership!