B-lay and ITAM solutions launch new Software Asset Management service for multinationals

B-lay in Gartner report

PLOT! gives multinationals insight into software expenditures and financial risks

The Dutch Software Asset Management (SAM) specialists B-lay and ITAM solutions have launched a new joint service: PLOT!  PLOT! Is a practical SAM solution that helps multinationals and other large organizations to gain control over their software expenditure and to reduce financial risks.

This year companies worldwide will spend more than 320 billion euros on software (source: Gartner). That is more than the costs for hardware. Yet, proactively managing software as a full-fledged asset is still far from common. Mark van Wolferen, B-lay’s co-founder and director, stresses that Software Asset Management deserves more attention, especially at large organizations:

“SAM gives insight into what software a company has, which software is actually being used and the right cost structure. With proper management, costs can be reduced by thirty to forty percent in three years’ time. Furthermore, the major financial risks associated with under licensing or active auditing practices by software vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft are significantly reduced.”

Contract expertise and process management

Many large organizations do use a SAM tool to record their software assets, but that alone is not enough. Simone van Sambeek, founder, and director of ITAM solutions:

“That’s the reason for B-lay and ITAM solutions to join hands and collaborate on PLOT!. To see a complete representation of your license position usually requires specialist contract knowledge. Also, SAM is only actually useful if the process is integrated within an organization and there is support at the management level. With PLOT! we connect these two areas of expertise so that we can help enterprises gain even better insight and control into their expenses and reduce their risks.”

PLOT! offers large organizations a practical Software Asset Management solution and a transparent, long-term strategy with concrete results. B-lay and ITAM Solutions are operating independently and aren’t compensated in any way for software sales by any software vendor.