B-lay and Insight further extend their mutual partnership

ISO 27001

B-lay, the licence management company, and Insight, one of the world’s largest all-in-one suppliers of IT products and services, decided to extend and intensify their mutual strategic partnership. Both companies join forces in the domain of Software Asset Management (SAM), delivering detailed compliance analyses to their customers for all large software publishers, among them Oracle, SAP, IBM and VMware. Additional access to the Zyncc analysis software environment, provided by B-lay, will be available at http://insight.zyncc.com.

We have high expectations of this partnership extension with Insight. The sum of B-lay’s knowledge plus tools and Insight’s services greatly exceeds the simple addition of our separate offerings. This marks the start of a unique high-value proposition from which our clients will immediately reap extra benefit,”says B-lay CEO Mark van Wolferen.

The new partnership stage with B-lay is a landmark achievement, says Insight’s Managing Director Benelux Frank Hoekstra. Combining Insight’s SAM consulting services with B-lay’s Baseline License Management method is a huge step forward. Software vendor independent advice will further increase our customers’ trust and strengthen our market position.

On a daily basis, B-lay helps clients understand what software licenses they are entitled to deploy, which software is actually installed, and what functionality they are really using. Our teams rapidly turn all relevant software installation and usage data into clear information and insight. This greatly improves operational efficiency and provides a solid foundation for organizations to assess their software licenses, all associated compliance management processes, and plan for the future!