ILMT & BigFix: How to install, configure and maintain for sub-capacity licensing?

ibm bigfix

In today’s world, applications can be hosted on different platforms. It’s not uncommon that applications shift between virtual, containerized and cloud platforms.

From a licensing perspective, a change of platform will most likely result into a change in the available capacity on which the software is installed and/or running and as such have an impact on the required number of licenses. A situation software asset managers and/or software license manager would typically need to watch out for.

This article provides an overview of the installation and configuration of BigFix and IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). Topics covered in the article:

  • Who is required to make use of ILMT?
  • How to install ILMT?
  • Concerns regarding the installation of ILMT and BigFix
  • How to install BigFix?
  • BigFix fixlets

In order to have a clear overview of the benefits of ILMT, please read my previous article on this topic.

This article was published on 28-08-2019