Behind the scenes of an IBM software audit – Part I 

ibm audit

Many IBM customers are – on a regular basis – confronted with a license audit. As a result of this, a lot of questions and concerns have been raised. While each company is unique and one’s situation might not be identical to the other, there are always common pain points and pitfalls that we’d like to address. 

In this article you’ll find answers to the most important questions you most likely have when you’re confronted with an IBM audit, or when you’re preparing for one: “Who’s going to perform the audit?”, “What will they look for?”, “Are they allowed to come onsite?”, to name just a few. 

Next week we’ll dive into the “How” of an audit execution. You’ll find out what the auditor is looking for and how you should prepare yourself for the audit, as well as what to do during the audit 

Furthermore, on March 25th we’ll have a live session with Hendrik Stegenga, former IBM auditor, and Ruud Aanstoot, account manager at B-lay, discussing the do’s and don’ts during an IBM audit and how you can turn the negotiations with IBM in your favour.  

Register for the webinar on the link here. 

This article was published on 11-02-2020