Health checks

Software asset management can be overwhelming, but it starts with one step at a time. Do you want to validate that everything is under control, but don’t know where to start? Or do you suspect a non-compliance risk and want to handle it now, rather than wait for an audit letter?

Confirm you have an accurate overview of your software programs and licenses, get a grasp of the potential risks and validate if any further action is required. A minimal investment now can save you considerable costs on the long run. Be prepared in order to be in control!

Oracle Java

Can you deploy your Java for free? Don’t run into unexpected compliance issues and cost because of misunderstanding the restrictions of your Java license.

Oracle ULA
Health Check

Get the maximum value out of your ULA. You think “unlimited” means you are completely covered and not exposed to any risks anymore?


Quick and easy insight into your Oracle Database estate.
You think you are 100% in control of your Oracle Database licenses?

Health Check

Enjoy the benefits of sub-capacity licensing. Make sure your deployments remain compliant with IBM’s sub-capacity licensing requirements.