30 January 2019

Webinar: New Java Licensing Rules – Decode the Complexity

Organizations are often under the impression that Java software can be deployed “for free”. Unfortunately, this misconception results in costly compliance issues and unexpected costs for organizations that do not fully understand the restrictions of the Java SE Platform software license.

Join us as our team discusses the Oracle licensing changes impacting you now!

5 & 6 February 2019

License Management Training – Sweden

The constantly changing state of IT – new technologies, new license terms, acquisitions – makes it difficult to ensure that you are at all times compliant.

Together with our partner Appreciator, we offer two trainings that will bring more clarity on the software licensing topic:

  • Oracle license management, including the latest updates & Java
  • IBM License Management Training & Software Audits & Tools

Join us and learn what you need to know to always be prepared when it comes to software licensing.

itam review

13 & 14 March 2019

ITAM Review Annual Conference 2019 – US

Attend this event to discover how next generation of ITAM professionals can manage IT asset portfolios more strategically in order to serve the interests of the whole company, not just IT. Join our session to learn how to boost your Oracle audit defence.