19 September 2019

SSO: Oracle License Management

Licensing Oracle software continues to be a hot topic for everyone. Oracle’s sales and audit practices, coupled with price and licensing complexity, means that Oracle License Management is among the biggest challenges ITAM professionals face.

The purpose of this Solution Spotlight Online (SSO) is to provide you with the knowledge to manage your Oracle estates with confidence.

oracle ula

3 October 2019

Webinar: Changes to Oracle Database Licensing & Support

B-lay and DesTech will address your Oracle related concerns through an educational webinar on the latest developments around licensing and support agreements for Oracle Database programs.

What you’ll learn during this session:

Oracle Database Edition 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 18c, 19c

  • Changes within each version release
  • How to handle Extended Support Requirements if you are on version 12.1
  • Understand if you need to pay for all your Oracle Database licenses

Oracle compliance – risks & strategies to avoid non-compliance

Oracle cost savings – tactics to avoid unnecessary spending & save costs

8 October 2019

Webinar: SAP licensing – most common challenges and how to address them

We gathered the most common challenges our customers who use SAP are faced with. Their questions and pain points are most likely yours too. That’s why we’re now sharing them in a webinar, together with answers and advice on how to address them.

What we’ll discuss in the webinar:

• SAP product groups & licensing information
• Retrieving use information (license measurements)
• Most common compliance issues
• SAM tools for SAP
• SAP audit practices

Get your questions ready, we’re bringing the answers. Sign up to attend the live session with our SAP specialists.

IAITAM amsterdam b-lay

14 – 15 November 2019

IAITAM EUROPEAN ACE 2019 – Amsterdam

More and more organizations turn their attention to SAM tools as the ultimate instrument to help them manage their software entitlements and deployment. Automating SAM processes can definitely add a lot of value; still, we see many organizations with unrealistic expectations of SAM tools.

To help you better understand what a SAM tool is, what it can do and what are the risks of using it in an incorrect manner, we identified the major risk areas associated to SAM tools and prepared a presentation that you can attend if you register for IAITAM ACE 2019 – Amsterdam.

Join us to learn more about our risk model, how you can identify SAM tools’ pitfalls and how to avoid them.