8 & 9 November 2018

IAITAM ACE 2018 Europe – Netherlands

Attend this event for educational lectures, workshops, product demos and networking opportunities. It provides attendees with relevant knowledge that can be implemented upon return to the office to start new asset management programs or improve existing ones. Join our session to learn Oracle Database licensing essentials: how to avoid risks and start saving costs.

8 November 2018

Seminar software audits – Netherlands

Almost all software comes with limitations. If you want to use more than agreed, you need to buy additional licenses. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on your usage and why software vendors perform audits – those organizations that use too much have to pay extra. A complicating factor is indirect use. Because more and more applications are connected, ultimately also to the Internet, it becomes unclear who uses the software resulting in unexpected financial consequences.

26 November 2018

Oracle Licensing Training Course – Australia

Come and spend a day learning about what’s new in the world of Oracle licensing at our Oracle Licensing Training Course.

Whether you’re investigating potential cost savings, considering moving to the Cloud or want to be prepared for an audit (or perhaps all three!) – we’re sure attending this course will be beneficial.

27 & 28 November 2018

ITAM Review Annual Conference 2018 – Australia

Attend this event to discover how next generation ITAM professionals can manage IT asset portfolios more strategically in order to serve the interests of the whole company, not just IT. Join our session to learn how to boost your Oracle audit defence.