Health checks

Software asset management can be overwhelming and intimidating if it’s only thought of when an audit letter arrived. The moment the dreaded letter comes, it’s actually already too late.

Verify that you have things under control, get a grasp of potential risks, and validate that no further action is required. A minimal investment now can help you get direct insight into unnecessary costs and risks. Do the health check to make sure you are in control.

Quick and easy insight into your Oracle Database estate
You think you are 100% in control of your
Oracle Database licenses?

None of the available tools (including Oracle Verified Tools) provide a complete and accurate license compliance position.

80% of Oracle’s audits reveal unexpected usage of unlicensed database options and/or management packs.

75% of Oracle’s audits reveal non-compliance issues due to the use of technologies such as VMware, Sun Solaris Zones, IBM LPAR, etc.

Buy a compliance health check now to find out.

Take away uncertainties and start mitigating the financial risks:

  • Insight

    get insight into the financial risks you may encounter within your Oracle Database instances

  • Cost avoidance

    get an indication on reduction potential for identified license compliance risks

  • Cost savings

    recommendations on next steps to optimize your licensing position


    A simple assessment is set up for you in our online platform Zyncc.


    You will be provided with login credentials.


    Upload your latest support maintenance renewal document(s), run a simple query on your Oracle Database instances and upload the output.


    We will create a clear, complete and accurate picture of the database editions, versions, options and management packs installed, used and those required to be licensed.


    You will receive an analysis report and a management summary of our findings and recommendations.


    An expert will walk you through the findings and potential risks. You will receive recommendations on next steps for remediation and optimization.

Oracle Database Compliance Health Check



Perhaps you feel you have your affairs in order and just want to know of any potential risks. Or you want to get a full understanding of your compliance position and benefit from optimization and remediation advice. We have a range of software compliance review services to meet your needs.

Compliance Health check

The compliance health check looks at the main elements that indicate whether you run a risk of being non-compliant. We tell you if there is such risk and what causes it. Based on our findings and recommendations you can decide whether you are in need of a deeper analysis to determine the true financial value of that risk.

Compliance analysis

A compliance analysis, aligned with the audit methodology of the vendor, explains your licensing position and reveals the exact amount of your financial exposure. The analysis starts with an entitlement analysis in which we study all your contractual documents to ensure that we know exactly what you have purchased against which terms and conditions. Then we will conduct a deployment and usage analysis to determine how you use the software. This results in a compliance report that shows you any shortage or surplus of licenses and the corresponding financial value.

Remediation & optimization

The compliance analysis provides extremely valuable information to enable optimization and remediation. Existing compliance problems can be remediated which prevents unnecessary costs towards the software publisher.  Direct cost savings can be achieved by optimizing the value of the existing contracts and by terminating unnecessary or costly licenses.


  • Insight – get insight in compliance risks and financial exposure
  • Quality – use the same methodology as software vendors do
  • Risk control – validate the maturity of your SAM activities
  • Cost control –  spot opportunities for cost avoidance and cost savings


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Zyncc helps organizations resolve two key challenges in managing software licenses: data gathering and communication between involved parties. Zyncc is a secure, user-friendly online platform that helps you capture the right data and translate it into understandable, useful information. And when you have the right information within reach, it is easier than ever to manage, share and optimize your cloud subscriptions and on premises licenses on an ongoing basis and make informed decisions about your IT resources and spending.

Zyncc Workflow

Zyncc Workflow supports the execution of a license compliance review. It enables you to manage and share your software entitlements through a centralized entitlement portal. What makes Zyncc Workflow such a unique and useful tool is its combination of asking the key questions and addressing the right people. This approach makes data gathering and communication simple, transparent, and efficient, helping you more effectively manage your licenses.

Zyncc Workflow functionalities at a glance

• Collect data in a standardized organized manner (auditable)
• Secure data exchange (ISO 27001)
• Support ‘manual’ data collection (purchases & deployment)
• Wide range of software publishers & products
• Single dashboard for SAM specialist
• Combine ’data’ with ‘opinion’

Zyncc Entitlements

With Zyncc Entitlements you can outsource your software administration to experienced specialists who will enable you to always be in control of your software spending. We monitor relevant changes in software programs and licensing terms of software vendors. We also keep track of external events and how these may affect your organization. Zyncc Entitlements provides valuable insights to spot cost saving opportunities, prevent costly compliance issues and help control software spending.

Zyncc Entitlements functionalities at a glance

• All software purchases and contracts in one central archive
• Always up-to-date administration of all licenses and (cloud) subscriptions
• Full outsourcing of license administration by skilled staff with a broad knowledge of various software vendors
• Relevant data about software spending in a clear dashboard
• Real-time monitoring and advice from B-lay experts about relevant changes
• Simple integration with popular software asset management tools like Snow, Flexera and ServiceNow