Cloud based solutions – moving to the cloud

Since its launching, the cloud has been an attractive solution for companies of all sizes and in all sectors to step up their business game. A cloud based solution refers to applications, services or resources provided to users on demand through the Internet from a cloud computing infrastructure. Software vendors provide all kind of cloud solutions. Obviously it is very important to really understand what you are signing up for. Additionally you must have a good understanding of what the current and future deployment of software programs will be. When you have this knowledge you know you will make informed business decisions.

Advantages of cloud based solutions

Are you examining options and considering moving to the cloud? But still wondering what the advantages to your business will be? Don’t worry. This is completely normal – we get this question a lot. That’s why we’ve summarized the advantages of cloud based solutions for you. They include:

  • Easy to implement and access
  • Additional capacity
  • Flexibility: scaling up cloud capacity is easily done
  • A decline in energy consumption
  • Scalability: you are basically limitless
  • Reliable in terms of back-up data

On top of these already mentioned advantages, it also allows companies to concentrate more on revenue driving activities and business as usual instead of lingering on not essential business efforts.

Risks of cloud based solutions

What if the internet shuts down? This is a real concern of course. It can always happen that connection with the internet is lost or the system shuts down. However, this risk is also valid when it comes to locally installed systems. Another risk is a dependence on software suppliers. If for some reason a change in supplier is necessary, it can be a very costly experience. So make sure to be well informed before choosing a supplier and take potential costs into account. If you are worried about security, know that many suppliers do provide a high level of security. A lot of the times the security is also customizable to fit your business needs.

Moving to the cloud – common challenges

  • Expenses

    Cloud solutions are intended to take your business to the next level. But it is important to be aware of the expenses this kind of solution brings and if this fits your company’s budget. Learn the costs and make smart choices.

  • Vendor lock-in

    Naturally, every software vendor wishes that when you start using their Cloud solution, this will be long-term. But have you thought about what to do to avoid vendor lock-in? And if this occurs, do you have an exit strategy ready?

  • Compliance issues in the Cloud

    Is it a myth or a fact that there are no compliance issues in the Cloud? It’s not exactly true that moving to the Cloud will solve all your compliance issues. So be informed and make smart decisions suitable to your business.

Read more about the Cloud topic in our blogs or whitepapers. We are here to help you with all these challenges. Our mission is to close the gap between software vendors and end users. Get in touch if you want to know more about how we can help you to make a smooth move to the cloud. Reach us through +31 88 0233 700 or