How we supported an American computer hardware corporation during their SAP audit

It’s never too late to ask for help

Company: organization with 72,000 employees in the computer hardware industry

Case: SAP compliance check and audit support

Cost avoidance: $1.1B (list license)

A large American corporation contacted B-lay for audit support when they received an audit letter from SAP. They didn’t have the chance to perform any measurement before the audit. Thus, their major concern was related to potential financial gaps or risks they might not be aware of.

Our solution

The best scenario, and our top recommendation, is to perform the measurement of your SAP systems and the evaluation of your contracts before an audit.

However, if there is not enough time before the audit, our team is working to provide the exact same service during the audit, leveraging the time frame from the moment you receive the audit letter until you need to start sending proof of usage to SAP (e.g. system exports, measurement reports).

Therefore, at this customer we started with collecting the SAP contracts, deployment and use information of every product group:

  • SAP Classic ERP (measurable and self-declarable products)
  • BusinessObjects
  • SAP HANA Database
  • Indirect Access

We analyzed the outputs and created a first baseline report. After the first verification, our customer’s exposure was $1.1 billion, generated mostly by the SAP Classic ERP applications (‘engines’) for which the measurement tools were not displaying accurate results.

Our team supported the company to clean up the SAP systems and implement SAP Notes in order to remove the faulty results. We also provided instructions to identify the real usage where applicable.

We then collected a new and cleaned up set of data and sent it to SAP. Following this, we started preparing the audit defense strategy for the remaining issues.

Business impact and results

The financial exposure was reduced to $4.1M (list price). Eventually, this gap was covered by swapping existing unused licenses for ones that were needed to cover the compliance gap.

All the documents that were sent to SAP were rigorously checked by our SAP team in advance.
In this way our customer was always aware of all the scenarios that the information shared with SAP could generate.

It is never too late to seek help; not even when you already received the audit letter. Having the right people supporting you to go through the audit as efficiently as possible will give you a clear picture of where you stand and the possibility to change the outcome of your audit.

Having the right people to support you will bring a clear picture of where you stand and will give you the chance to change the outcome of the audit.”