How we saved the user license cost of Non-Profit Organization in Mexico by deep dive analysis of the USMM measurement

You can never be “too prepared”

Company: Non-profit organization in Mexico

Case: License Optimization and Cost Avoidance

Cost avoidance: €60,000

A small organization in Mexico that was under a license audit from SAP contacted B-lay to perform an internal compliance check, before submitting the measurement results to SAP. SAP clearly communicated to the customer that this is an “enhanced audit”, therefore besides the standard checks, additional reviews will be conducted by SAP. The customer wanted to make sure they don’t expose themselves to any non-compliance and risk unnecessary costs.

Our solution

At the beginning of the audit, SAP stated the list of required data, including the USMM program measurement results of the SAP systems. The LAW tool was also mentioned by SAP, but only as recommendation. Therefore, the customer generated the mandatory data files and was ready to provide them to SAP when we got involved.

As the LAW consolidation was not performed, we started the assesment by analyzing technical completeness and accuracy of the USMM measurement log files. It didn’t take long to find some inconsistencies. One of the ERP production systems had 2 productive clients assigned where most of the Named Users were classified. We performed a thorough analysis of this system and we identified that 115 Named Users were counted twice in the USMM measurement.

As the USMM program does not recognize the same users who are classified on multiple systems and clients, the users were simply compiled by the USMM program. We helped the customer to determine which users were counted twice and explained the technical background of the USMM program measurement as well as the LAW tool requirement for the cases when the same users are classified on multiple systems and clients.

Business impact and results

Because we supported the customer to conduct detailed user analysis and utilize the appropriate tool, they avoided to spend €60,000. For some organizations this might not be a large amount, however for a small non-profit company, this posed a considerable financial risk.

The customer further saved more costs, as we helped them optimize the engine consumption, draft new contractual agreements with SAP and we also supported with audit negotiations.

Often, customers don’t fully understand the purpose of the tools that are only recommended by SAP. When it comes to the measurement submission toward SAP, it is up to the customer to review the measurement data before sending it to SAP. If you need support with your SAP audit, don’t hesitate to reach out.

It doesn’t matter how small or large the organization is, you can always be exposed to (financial) risks. We’re happy we got B-lay right in time to help us generate compliant reports for the SAP audit.

This article was published on 27-10-2020