How we helped global computer hardware company optimize their Oracle Technology licenses

Being proactive can save you time and money

Company: Global computer hardware organization

Case: Optimizing Oracle Database and Middleware licenses

Cost savings: $101M

Oracle audits can cause major financial risks for many companies, due to the complexity of Oracle’s licensing methodology and policies. When a company receives the audit notification, they search for  assistance, but as usual time can be an enemy or a powerful ally to prevent a financial disaster. Many customers ask for help when they are already under an audit and the time pressure is high. “Time is money” is not just a fancy quote and the companies who understand this are able to take the right measures and be ahead of an audit, by remediating and optimizing their licenses.

This is also the case of one of our customers, a global hardware company, who reached out to us 4+ years ago, when they were under audit, and we have been working together since then. We helped
them with the audit, and then they continued to use our services and ongoing assistance for further regular software compliance reviews and optimizations.

The company wanted to have a complete and accurate overview of their current Oracle Database and Middleware programs as well as their associated licenses, to be prepared and compliant for the next
Oracle audit.

Finding the problem and the solutions

We started creating the basis by gathering the contractual documents and performing the license entitlements overview. This step is important because it highlights their rights of using the licenses, the terms and conditions and the limitations included in the agreements.

The next step was the software deployment and usage analysis, meaning that the programs installed and/or in use were mapped against the existing licenses in the entitlement overview, to determine
the compliance position and the financial exposure.

In order to optimize the Database and Middleware licenses, we created a License Compliance Overview and we initially found an exposure of 101 million USD, so the optimization was needed to help them save this amount.

During the entire process, we integrated our team in the customer’s SAM team to create a synergy that promoted working together efficiently. We had 2 project-update meetings a week, regular calls and updates to gather all the data for entitlements and deployments, to be able to establish their compliance position and finding the financial risk. We discussed the remediation and optimization options and, together with the customer’s tech team, we identified the cost savings. After several re-runs, we brought the financial exposure close to 0.

Business impact

If the customer wouldn’t have worked with us on their optimization, they wouldn’t have been prepared for their audit and probably the financial risk would have been even bigger than the amount saved during the optimization process. Besides, the customer’s investment in this process was insignificant compared to the savings made.

Considering the results and the impact on the customer’s business, they also asked our help with reports and remediation for other Oracle products, such as EBS and Cloud.

We have entered in the 5th year since we are working together on a managed service: we are offering reports and compliance results twice a year for Oracle Database and Middleware and 4 times a year for Oracle Cloud.

Our SAM Managed Services help the customer to be always prepared and in control of their software licenses. Performing regular internal license reviews to determine the license compliance position helps the customer avoid costs and mitigate any operational or legal risks.

“Most companies search for assistance after they received the audit letter. We did it before and it saved us time, stress and $101M”.