How we helped an oil and gas company take advantage of their Oracle ULA

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There is potential for cost savings during an Oracle ULA renewal

Company: Global oil and gas company

Cost avoidance: $ 670K

Cost Savings: 3.2M USD

An Oracle agreement renewal can be a daunting task which can get even more complicated when it comes to Oracle’s Unlimited Agreements (ULA). Have you’ve ever asked yourself if you can negotiate and close a good deal when renewing your Oracle ULA? Then you should know that not only that is possible, but you can even save costs in the process.

One of our customers’ situation can shed some light on the opportunities you have to make serious savings during an Oracle ULA renewal. The customer had an Unlimited Agreement for the period of 5 years that was close to expire and they asked for our assistance with the renewal.

Our solution

We had multiple workshops with different stakeholders at the customer (Procurement, Finance, Infrastructure, Outsourcers) to explain their current deployment and associated risks and possibilities: ULA certification or ULA renewal.

In preparation for the renewal of their ULA, we have performed annual compliance baselines, in which we maintained their license entitlements updated and done a measurement of their actual usage.

It became clear that the customer would face considerable license compliance risks due to their deployment of Oracle programs on VMware at an outsourcing company.

Although the customer had an ULA for which it could make use of Oracle’s licensing rules around deployments on VMware in its favor (and certify a large amount of Processors), the customer also needed to obtain additional Oracle licenses for GoldenGate programs.

In order to make sure that the customer would address all the Oracle license compliance concerns, we discussed the option to enter into a Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement (PULA) for those programs that were actually in use and expected to be deployed going forward as well. This came down to Oracle Database programs and WebLogic Suite. Having an unlimited deployment right that will never end would address their compliance concerns for these programs going forward.

For other programs, the customer did not have an idea yet on how the future would look like. Given this uncertainty, we agreed that we would include these programs in a separate Unlimited License Agreement. This, since the future of some programs was unclear and the GoldenGate programs were only required for a limited period of time.

Business impact and results

The existing Oracle ULA however also included a number of programs which the customer did not use anymore. Due to a mistake from Oracle’s Support side, we could clearly see that the customer was paying every year 3.2M USD technical support towards Oracle for products they were not using.

In the end, the negotiations went in the customer’s favor, they managed to reduce their annual spend with 3.2M USD and also closed a more beneficial deal for their current and future needs.

If you find yourself in a similar situation or need our help to make cost savings for your Oracle licensing and maximize the benefits, don’t hesitate to contact us!

“B-lay helped us solve a complex situation, that we were not even aware of. Their expertise in software licensing saved us a lot of money and supported us to close a better deal with Oracle.”