How we helped a traveler’s association to avoid paying 92M USD to Oracle

Oracle audits are not a walk in the park

Company: Traveler’s association

Case: Oracle audit support

Cost avoidance95,2 M USD (list license and list support)

When Oracle is auditing you, you might think that the report they create and the claims they have from you are always correct. It often happens that the software vendor claims customers to pay for pr

Receiving an audit letter from a software publisher can be a very stressful. This usually means that your regular operations will be disrupted and that you might be faced with large fines. Staying into compliance with the (changing) terms and conditions of your software licenses is not an easy and one-time task. Result: most companies are found to be non-compliant during the course of an audit. That’s why we recommend everyone to perform an internal audit annually. We know, it’s easier said than done. Specific knowledge is needed, and companies tend to postpone the execution of such internal audit until it’s usually too late. When one of our customers received an audit letter from Oracle, they knew it was about time to start looking into their own situation. They hired us to perform the internal audit, before sharing any data with Oracle.

The products in scope:

  • Oracle Database, Database Options, Database Management Packs
  • Oracle Middleware (Weblogic, WebCenter)
  • Oracle Siebel
  • Oracle E-Business Suite

Our solution

The main goal of our customer was to find out if they had any non-compliance issues that could expose them during the audit. We started immediately to perform the internal audit; we analyzed all the contractual documents (license entitlement analysis), the deployment and usage of the Oracle programs (license deployment & usage analysis) and analyzed the differences between the two (license compliance gap analysis). Once this was completed, we identified a large non-compliance that would have exposed the customer to a huge financial claim. Through our license remediation & optimization service, we helped them to reduce the financial exposure, by reconfiguring their VMware environment. Meanwhile, we were able to delay the audit, in order to have sufficient time to fix all the issues (e.g. un-intended use of options and management packs). Afterwards, we supported the customer in the negotiation and purchase of the remaining licenses they still needed.

Business impact and results

If the customer would have went into the Oracle audit without our support, their business would have suffered quite some losses. On one hand, the time and resources involved; an audit from Oracle usually takes between 3 – 6 months. With our involvement, the audit itself was finalized in 2 weeks. At the same time if we wouldn’t have supported the customer to remediate their non-compliance, they would have had to pay Oracle at least 10 times more than what they actually paid. Although it’s not an ideal situation to only start asking for help when the audit letter is already on the desk, this case shows that there are certainly actions that can be taken, even in a short time frame.

“You think you can do everything yourself, but there is a reason there are specialists in every area. We’re happy we worked with B-lay to settle our Oracle audit.”