How we helped a social securities organization sort out their Oracle licenses

oracle compliance

Avoiding an unplanned $ 500M spend

Company: Social securities organization

Case: Oracle software compliance review

Cost avoidance: $500M

A public social securities organization contracted us to help them get a clear overview of their Oracle licensing situation. The company had not actively managed its licenses over the past years and started to become concerned regarding their compliance position. With a mostly outsourced infrastructure, they wondered whether their Oracle DB and MW deployments were still within the limitations of their license entitlements.

  • Products in scope: Oracle Database Products and a broad portfolio of Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) products like IAS, Weblogic, BI, Webcenter and IAM.
  • Mixture of outsourced datacenters across the country, internal datacenters and some physical hardware in the organization’s offices.
  • Infrastructure: VMware on IBM System x3XXX, IBM Power machines (AIX) for the internal datacenters.
  • Physical & Virtual Servers: approx. 750

Our solution

In order to obtain clarity about the Oracle licensing situation, we completed an Oracle License Compliance assessment, which includes:

  • Contract and license administration
  • Compliance reporting
  • Optimization & remediation advice

We started the engagement by analyzing their licenses and contracts to determine what entitlements they have and if any custom conditions or metrics should be taken into account when analyzing the deployment data.

We then executed a deployment and compliance analysis. In this way we identified two main areas of concern:

  • Deployment of Oracle DB and FMW products on a large VMware environment
  • Deployment of unlicensed FMW software mainly due to bundled installation packages vs. single product licenses.

We helped the customer identify the FMW bundles and redeploy only the single products for which they had licenses.  We also clarified the situation around VMware. Their assumption was they could apply a limited count for VMware, but our detailed contract analysis showed this was not the case. Thus, we advised on a strategy to mitigate the VMware deployment.

Business impact and results

Based on our findings and advice the customer was able to avoid a $ 500M spend on additional license purchases.

Since the customer recognized our expert knowledge in the area of Oracle licensing, they have requested for extended advisory services to continue the remediation as well as support during an Oracle audit. In this way they are sure to include the right contractual language to avoid further issues with VMware deployment.

“There is never a good time to spend money you didn’t plan for, so we’re happy we reached out to B-lay in time and got our Oracle licensing straight before an audit started.”