How we helped a resource company with their ULA certification

DesTech Oracle savings

B-lay & DesTech:  A winning partnership

Company: Canadian resource company

Case: ULA certification

Cost avoidance$190,000,000.00

Cost Savings: $548,000.00

Regardless of the sector or size, companies often enter into contracts with software vendors without having insight into the full extent of their needs.  There are also companies that take their software deployment and licensing serious and make every effort to fully assess their situation before signing any agreement with a software vendor. Fortunately, that was the case with our customer in the resource industry. The company was confident that they wanted to certify their Oracle licenses through an Unlimited License Agreement but prior to doing so, they wanted to get a clear perspective on their license consumption and advice on how to proceed with the ULA negotiations. In partnership, B-lay and DesTech, helped the customer develop a baseline of their license usage and deployment. We provided this customer with a detailed overview of their situation, helped them to better understand their needs, assisted with their go-forward strategy, and were instrumental in their ULA negotiations with Oracle.

Our solution

In general, a full understanding of the current situation is a good starting point for making a plan towards the future. Together with the customer we agreed to start with an internal audit. This way, we could get a clear overview and understanding of the company’s needs.

The first step in any audit – internal or external – is data gathering. In order to collect data, we leveraged B-lay’s Zyncc platform. We worked with both the customer and a third-party company for data collection and assessment of their environment. Project managers from both B-lay and DesTech collaborated to ensure that each division was working in a timely manner and was gathering the necessary information.

Once the overview was completed and the future needs were clear, we provided the customer with a strategy on direction and next steps. Once the Oracle ULA contract was generated, we reviewed the documentation and provided advice and guidance on what terms and conditions were acceptable and which required further negotiation.

Business impact and results

As a result of the services we provided, the customer was able to achieve cost avoidances of approximately $190,000,000.00, a cost savings of $548,000.00 and attain an ROI of 1283%. In addition to this impact, our customer developed an understanding of the need for constant license management and the impact of not managing software assets on the business.

If the customer  had not engaged B-lay and DesTech’s services, they would have exposed themselves to inflated costs for licenses they had no intention of using, incurred additional support fees and their ongoing costs would have increased as opposed to the overall cost reduction that they were able to achieve.

“If you’re only looking at the investment you’re making, it might seem like a lot. If you consider the ROI, then you’re in for a treat.”