How we helped a large organization in the oil & gas industry install and configure their ILMT

Professional ILMT support helps closing the compliance gap

Company: Global organization in the oil & gas industry

Case: ILMT installation & configuration

Risk avoidance: Partial ILMT maintenance leads to 10-15 times more license requirements  compared to proper ILMT management

Some organizations underestimate the effort and knowledge needed for a proper installation and configuration of IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). Some don’t even have it installed. However, most organizations want to license at the sub-capacity of a server. To meet IBM’s contractual terms and conditions and be eligible for sub-capacity licensing, ILMT must be set up correctly and maintained continuously.

It’s true that IBM’s requirements and obligations set for sub-capacity licensing are rather complex and that many IBM customers often do not fully understand them. Therefore, it’s not uncommon that they are ignored until an audit letter arrives.

This is also what happened at a large global enterprise operating in the gas & oil industry. After the company received an audit letter from KPMG on behalf of IBM, they initially attempted to install and configure ILMT themselves. After they ran into several issues, they reached out to us.

Our solution

The issues that they were facing centered around their ILMT environments being outdated. The environments were not maintained recently, which led to incomplete software scans and virtualization hierarchy, disconnected systems and more.

Considering the situation they were in, the company would not have been eligible to license only for the sub-capacity of the Virtual Machine. Therefore, they would be accounted for the full capacity (all active cores) of the physical server. This would have translated into large costs; moreover, costs that were not budgeted for.

The company engaged with B-lay for an ILMT Health Check. Through this service, we validated the initial ILMT environment. Due to technical constraints at the client site, we deployed a new ILMT environment and migrated all data to the new environment.

Consequently, the customer has now a clean environment and properly installed and configured ILMT.

Business impact and results

Even if the organization does not strictly meet the requirement of sharing the quarterly reports of the past 2 years with IBM, they are now able to prove that they have ILMT installed and configured in a complete and accurate manner. This helps them to show IBM that they are currently PVU sub-capacity eligible and they will be able to prove this in the future.

Although difficult to calculate the exact cost avoidance, having ILMT installed and configured saved our customer from spending unplanned budget on licensing its IBM programs only at full capacity.

B-lay’s knowledge about how ILMT works is truly extensive and helped us avoid large financial risks.