How we helped a governmental organization save costs on their Oracle JDE licenses

customer case - oracle jde

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Company: Local Municipality in the Netherlands

Case: Oracle JDE compliance review

Cost avoidance$17M

In 2015, the customer contracted us to conduct a JD Edwards analysis for all the local districts within the municipality . The goal was to optimize each district’s deployment and licenses. Based on the good collaboration with B-lay then, they contacted us again in 2019. Since they had meanwhile integrated all their environments, they needed our help to perform a JDE analysis and see if further savings can be made. Their JDE license portfolio consists of a mixture of legacy and current licenses with different metric definitions and licensing conditions.

Our solution

In order to get clarity on their JDE license position we have provided the following services:

  • JDE Contract and license administration
  • JDE Compliance reporting
  • JDE Remediation & optimization advice

We started the engagement by analyzing their licenses and contracts to understand the applicable license metrics and conditions. Since they still had active agreements from before Oracle acquired JDE and they also bought or migrated to newer licenses, we had to review all the historic commercial documents. This was required in order to be able to advise whether it is beneficial to maintain the old licenses, or if it is better to migrate the remaining legacy licenses.

In parallel we executed a deployment and compliance analysis, so we could size the current shelfware and identify any compliance issues.  The outcomes of the analysis resulted in advice on remediating the issues and input on the best structure for their JDE contracts.

Business impact and results

We advised the customer on how to untangle the complex contracting structure. This resulted in both cost savings and cost avoidance. They achieved cost savings of $200K on their annual Support & Maintenance fee. In addition to this, they were able to avoid additional license purchases of $17M, by optimizing the granted access rights based on the actual usage and retrieving missing entitlement documents.

“We worked with B-lay before and knew they would help us achieve good results.”